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Automation Project Improves Sales Revenue by 37%

Eliminate fiscal waste by replacing costly manual business processes

Manual Business Process

TThe marketing department is responsible for the management and distribution of leads received from the company website. The Marketing Manager has been tasked with ensuring leads are entered into the CRM database then assigning each lead to its respective Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for follow up. Qualified leads are added to the Sales Pipeline Forecast then tracked from lead to sale.

Issues Presented

AIncreased marketing campaign activity has elevated the number of daily leads to unmanageable levels. As a result, RSMs are no longer receiving same day leads due to delayed data entry, sales opportunities are lost before they are ever quoted, and lead tracking has become impossible.

Solution Implemented

STaskCentre, a workflow automation software, was introduced to intercept all inbound web leads. Acting on behalf of the human element, TaskCentre automatically parses the lead content then adds a new, or updates an existing, lead within the CRM database. Using territory alignment rules, TaskCentre correctly determines the appropriate RSM to whom the lead is to be assigned, inserts a phone call activity on the RSM’s calendar, and adds a new sales opportunity to the RSM’s Sales Pipeline Forecast. TaskCentre then sends a formatted email containing lead information and a link to the lead within the CRM.
Regularly scheduled Lead Analysis and Sales Pipeline Forecast reports are auto-generated and emailed by TaskCentre to ensure timely analysis of lead data.

Return on Investment

KNo longer having to data enter leads, the Marketing Manager has been able to increase the number of active promotional campaigns. The increased traffic through the company’s website has elevated the average number of daily leads by 400%. RSM response times have diminished from days to mere minutes. Process improvement analysis has demonstrated a consistent increase in the use of the company’s website to initiate new and add-on sales rather than traditional direct sales. As a result, the company has attributed 37% of its fiscal sales to its new RFQ Lead Automation Process.

TaskCentre® is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that enable organizations to realize their corporate vision.  It helps transform all of their distinct applications into a single, event-driven, service-oriented management solution.

Over 4000 organizations worldwide use the TaskCentre® BPM Suite to streamline their business processes. TaskCentre® enables organizations of any size to add the following capabilities to their existing applications:

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