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Enable your personnel to contribute and be drawn into various feeds of information, without committing valuable human resources.

TaskCentre® is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that enable organizations to realize their corporate vision.  It helps transform all of their distinct applications into a single, event-driven, service-oriented management solution.Over 4000 organizations worldwide use the TaskCentre® BPM Suite to streamline their business processes. TaskCentre® enables organizations of any size to add the following capabilities to their existing applications:

Advanced Business Alerts

Today, more than ever, companies need to be instantly notified of situations before or as they happen, enabling them to make better informed decisions based upon critical data events. TaskCentre® provides comprehensive tools and design capabilities to integrate with any number of existing applications or systems to provide people with the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions; whenever and wherever they are located.Examples of advanced business alerts include:

  • Finance: Bank Overdraft within 15% of limit; Key customer put on credit hold;
  • Customer Service: Contract expires in 2 months; New call assigned to agent;
  • Human Resources: Health and safety training overdue; Sick days abnormally high;
  • Sales and Marketing: Overdue contact activities; Inbound call volume high;
  • Logistics and Operations: Delivery due date in 2 days; Rescheduled delivery;
  • Manufacturing: High set-up time; new drawing revision

Document Automation

The creation, distribution and management of business documents are common activities within an organization. TaskCentre® Document Automation functionality provides tools that enable organizations to connect existing applications and systems, that can then automatically generate and distribute document flows. Whether they are reports, letters,  invoices or statements, structured and repetitive documents can be automatically generated, presented and delivered via a variety of formats and channels.Examples of Document Automation include:

  • Finance: Monthly statement distribution; Credit control letters;
  • Customer Services: Welcome pack and SLAs; Monthly support calls report;
  • Human Resources: Job specification circulation; T&Cs of employment;
  • Logistics and Operations: Loading instructions; Transport requests;
  • Manufacturing: Job ready for collection; Job status report;
  • Sales and Marketing: new product introductions; End-of-line specials

Web Content Publishing

Good communication with customers is vital in today’s competitive environment. Cost-effective communication will help to develop long-term beneficial relationships and contribute to future organizational growth. Using TaskCentre®’s Web Content Publishing capabilities, online information can be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules.Examples of Web Content Publishing are:

  • Finance: Publishing of KPIs; Live customer account statements;
  • Customer Services: Current queue status; Outstanding support calls;
  • Human Resources: Holiday entitlements; Company car association/details;
  • Logistics and Operations: Drop history; Manifest lists;
  • Manufacturing: Job status information; Capacity levels;
  • Sales and Marketing: End-of-line items; Inactive clients

Subscriptions and Requests

Today’s consumers and business partners want information on demand. We require specific data as it becomes relevant and demand that it is sensitive to the channel through which we make the requests. For an organization, supplying dynamic information services can place considerable strain on its human resources. TaskCentre® provides a range of tools to develop and maintain highly configurable and user defined subscription based services or request-response mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organization’s databases and information systems. The development of a ‘self-service’ infrastructure to automate the delivery of information is accelerated. Furthermore, TaskCentre® enables any organization to easily adapt and evolve to the constantly changing face of customer requirements.Subscriptions and Request services developed through TaskCentre® include:

  • Finance: Balance inquiry; Credit status;
  • Customer Services: next support call request; Overdue support calls;
  • Human Resources: Holiday availability; Training course subscriptions;
  • Logistics and Operations: Current stock availability; Overdue orders subscription;
  • Manufacturing: Job completion date changes; Employee shortfalls;
  • Sales and Marketing: Price changes; Property details


Organizations need systems that support end-to-end efficiency for their business processes while ensuring that all complexities remain absolutely invisible to operators and external partners alike. Integration interfaces are developed and delivered by software vendors within their own individual API’s, toolsets and formats. More often than not, there is very little standardization across systems and therefore integration becomes a matter of hard-coded development or low-level scripting. TaskCentre® bridges the gap between disparate information systems, by providing a graphical process modeler and comprehensive operating environment that either dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates the need for complex integration development.Integration services include:

  • Finance: Updated supplier contacts; Lodge a payment dispute;
  • Customer Services: Self-service ticketing; Customer satisfaction feedback;
  • Human Resources:Update personnel details; Employee payment data;
  • Logistics and Operations: Preferred delivery dates; Undelivered/faulty materials;
  • Manufacturing: New product specifications; Changes to raw material prices;
  • Sales and Marketing: Automated unsubscribes; Update name & address

TaskCentre® offers a unique, state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite enabling organizations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

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