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Business Activity Monitoring ensures consistency in the organization’s processes by proactively monitoring corporate data for actionable criteria then alerting personnel before it becomes an issue.

KnowledgeSync is an organization’s “invisible assistant” – it automatically performs repetitive tasks and relieves your staff of the burden of monitoring your applications and business data for “exceptions”, such as a lead that has not been followed up on, or a support call that has been left open for too long. Through its monitoring and automated responses, KnowledgeSync prevents the loss of sales opportunities, eliminates the “oops, I forgot!” of client follow-up, and reduces the lag time (and manual error) inherent in data entry. The product enables organizations of any size to add the following capabilities to their existing applications:

Trigger Alerts

This perfect employee works 24/7/365 never asking for a day off proactively monitoring data then alerting the appropriate individuals when conditions are met rather than reacting after the fact..Examples of triggered alerts include:

  • Finance: Bank Overdraft within 15% of limit; Key customer put on credit hold;
  • Customer Service: Contract expires in 2 months; new call assigned to agent;
  • Human Resources: Health and safety training overdue; Sick days abnormally high;
  • Sales and Marketing: Overdue contact activities; Inbound call volume high;
  • Logistics and Operations: Delivery due date in 2 days; Rescheduled delivery;
  • Manufacturing: High set-up time; new drawing revision

Automate Tasks

Eliminate lengthy manual processes through task automation. No longer will executives have to wait for reports as KnowledgeSync automatically distributes them as scheduled without delay.Examples of task automation include:

  • Finance: Monthly statement distribution; Credit control letters;
  • Customer Services: Welcome pack and SLAs; Monthly support calls report;
  • Human Resources: Job specification circulation; T&Cs of employment;
  • Logistics and Operations: Loading instructions; Transport requests;
  • Manufacturing: Job ready for collection; Job status report;
  • Sales and Marketing: new product introductions; End-of-line specials

Incoming Email Response

Automated Email Response component reads incoming email messages sent to specified email addresses. Based upon situational conditions, the Email Response system may be used to answer literature request email by sending the requested documents, add new prospects added from a web form and schedule a call for the appropriate account manager, create a new support incidents, as well as, schedule intelligent follow-up activities.Examples of incoming email response include:

  • Finance: Publishing of KPIs; Live customer account statements;
  • Customer Services: Current queue status; Outstanding support calls;
  • Human Resources: Holiday entitlements; Company car association/details;
  • Logistics and Operations: Drop history; Manifest lists;
  • Manufacturing: Job status information; Capacity levels;
  • Sales and Marketing: End-of-line items; Inactive clients

Monitor Data Trends

Monitor historic customer activity and trends within the CRM solution to quickly identify and act on clients who would be good prospects for incremental sales opportunities.Examples of data trend monitoring include:

  • Finance: Balance enquiry; Credit status;
  • Customer Services: next support call request; Overdue support calls;
  • Human Resources: Holiday availability; Training course subscriptions;
  • Logistics and Operations: Current stock availability; Overdue orders subscription;
  • Manufacturing: Job completion date changes; Employee shortfalls;
  • Sales and Marketing: Price changes; Property details


Integrates with other applications (such as Financial apps) by identifying conditions outside of the CRM application and triggering workflow that updates and schedules activities within SalesLogix.Integration services include:

  • Finance: Updated supplier contacts; Lodge a payment dispute;
  • Customer Services: Self-service ticketing; Customer satisfaction feedback;
  • Human Resources:Update personnel details; Employee payment data;
  • Logistics and Operations: Preferred delivery dates; Undelivered/faulty materials;
  • Manufacturing: new product specifications; Changes to raw material prices;
  • Sales and Marketing: Automated unsubscribes; Update name & address

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