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Why Choose Act-On?

Unlike other comprehensive marketing automation solutions, Act-On is designed to meet the needs of the small and mid-sized business, and the smaller marketing teams often working inside big enterprises. The Act-On platform is loaded with powerful cutting-edge capabilities, can be implemented in days rather than weeks, and managed and scaled without relying on your IT department. You can quickly and easily integrate other tools you use, giving you the leverage of an integrated suite tailored to your unique marketing needs. And our first-class Customer Success team is with you every step of the way, giving you personalized, dedicated support that never expires.

With Act-On, you’ll spend less time managing your marketing; more time engaging with your customers; and you’ll be able to measure your results by channel, campaign, and funnel stage.  [Read More]

Act-On Features:

EMAIL MARKETINGindex-features-email-marketing

Build and launch in minutes.
Point and click or drag and drop – Act-On’s hassle-free editor lets you quickly create emails and automated programs to supercharge your lead generation campaigns and gain higher quality leads. A/B testing helps you refine your emails to the most effective combination of messages, offers, and images. Simple enough for the novice; robust enough for the HTML guru. Create, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns with ease and power.


index-features-lead-scoringLEAD SCORING

Score big or go home.
Evaluate your leads and contacts dynamically based on the attributes that matter: demographics, firmographics, web pages visited, degree of engagement, campaign levels, and more. Act-On identifies those hot prospects automatically and empowers your sales team with a prioritized list that reveals buyers’ digital footprints. Score and rank them. See their email engagements, website visits, webinar attendance, contents downloaded, and much more.


CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTindex-features-campaign-management

The power of many in one.
Act-On lets you make the most of powerful campaign management techniques – without the steep learning curve that slows down marketers using many other systems. Lead nurturing, lead scoring, list management, dynamic content, automated programs, inbound marketing, CRM integration; these aren’t buzzwords; they’re capabilities integrated into the Act-On platform so you can develop and accelerate your campaign management practices.


index-features-list-managementLIST MANAGEMENT

Simple management. Unlimited potential.
Database marketing can be difficult, complicated, and confusing. Act-On’s Instant-On database simplifies it, so you can run targeted campaigns as frequently as you please without needing help from a database administrator. And Act-On integrates with the most popular CRM applications, meaning marketing and sales can be on the same page at the same time.


LEAD NURTURINGindex-features-lead-nurturing

Cultivate and convert.
Lead nurturing is the technique of communicating with prospects in a timed cadence to keep them engaged with your company and help them progress through the buyer’s journey. With Act-On’s simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create an automated program to manage the whole process and include both sales and marketing in the right steps. Cultivate your leads and increase conversion, with less time and effort.


index-features-reportingREPORTS & ANALYTICS

Real-time results to help maximize ROI.
Measure performance results in real time – from opens, clickthroughs, and bounces to website visits, form submissions, and sales. Dashboards and in-depth reports give you a clear picture of all key activities in the system. You can see individual or aggregate campaign performance, review website visitor information, compare your online presence against your competitors, deepen CRM analytics, and measure and maximize your ROI.


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