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The QlikView Business Discovery platform bridges the gap between traditional BI solutions and standalone office productivity applications, enabling users to forge new paths and make new discoveries.

QlikView works with what you already have and infuses a broad set of new capabilities into BI. It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward.

QlikView is a new kind of BI tool that’s driving spectacular results for companies worldwide.  It empowers business users to stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions. QlikView’s simplicity lets anyone easily consolidate, search, visualize, and analyze their data for unprecedented business insight.

QlikView provides anytime access through the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. It offers unprecedented freedom from the desktop by delivering dynamic, interactive data analysis, when and where users need it.

QlikView for Mobile puts sophisticated real-time business answers,and the simplicity and power of QlikView’s easy-to-use interactive visual dashboards, in the hands of users on the go. With QlikView for Mobile, users get complete data selection,associative search, GPS-sensitive filtering (on GPS-equipped phones), and advanced visualization.

Currently, Qlikview has over 15,000 customers in 100 countries.

Collaborative BI

QlikView makes your whole organization smarter by enabling every business user to easily create their own QlikView apps. They can even mash them up and integrate them into other complementary apps and share their business insights with anyone. Imagine linking regional sales data from QlikView to locations on Google Maps. How about taking a QlikView inventory analysis and making it available to all business users on SharePoint? And what if you could have QlikView auto populate Excel spreadsheets for you? QlikView makes all of this a reality via simple-to-use extensions. Twitterers and Facebookers can also easily create one-click links to their QlikView mash-ups and analytics. It’s simply never been easier to share unique business insight with the entire organization.

Deep manageability

QlikView provides IT with powerful, flexible and easy consoles for measuring, monitoring and deploying QlikView applications and data. QlikView consoles give IT a single view into deployment status, whether it’s for a single server or multiple servers spread across different geographies, and simultaneous users that can number into the tens of thousands. QlikView also offers centralized management capabilities including load balancing, administration, and refresh scheduling.

Ironclad security

QlikView is designed to protect your critical data and analysis assets. QlikView supports security standards specifically designed to safeguard the billions of records and tens of thousands of users it’s capable of supporting. QlikView’s advanced, easy-to-administer security console enables you to control which users see which analyses, data, metrics, and results. You can also enforce group, role-based and individual user policies from individual documents to granular row and value restrictions

QlikView unlocks your enterprise data.  Too many enterprises find themselves hostage to their business applications stack which prevents them from getting to their data in a simple and meaningful way. With purpose-built connectors for some of the most popular applications, such as SAP and, QlikView eases access and analysis of your business data. QlikView is enabling enterprises across the globe to better leverage their investment in existing business and warehousing assets with intuitive access, comprehensive analytics and sophisticated visualization. The result? Happier, more productive business users.And higher ROI on your entire enterprise stack investment.

QlikView was built to grow in tandem with your business needs. In fact, QlikView scales to meet the requirements of the largest global enterprises, including Campbell’s Soup, Canon, Fila, Gatorade, Panasonic, and Toyota.

Success Story

We didn’t anticipate the scope of efficiency gains possible with QlikView. It revolutionized our ability to manage data throughout our supply chain. We continue to find new ways to integrate, view and use data that are tremendously better than what we were doing before.

— Michael Mastroianni
VP, North American Planning Reliability and
Operations Campbell Soup Company

Global manufacturer of soup, baked snacks, beverages,and premium chocolate.


  • Aligning demand forecasting and supply chain planning to manage
    an increase in new products
  • Ensuring inventory management could accommodate significant
    increases in SKU numbers


  • Deployed QlikView for Sales analysis Supply chain analysis
    of 4,500 SKUs Operational analysis.


  • 50% improvement in inventory forecasting accuracy
  • Can easily adapt to daily demand changes and order flows
  • Ensures the right product mix is available to customers at the right time
  • Reduced transportation and workforce costs 50%

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