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Self Service Analysis Turns Data into Visual Intelligence

iCHARTER™ from iVobis is a Business Intelligence solution that integrates seamlessly with your important business applications, giving you a visually stunning presentation of your critical business trends at the click of a button. From sales figures, financial analysis, inventory management, marketing effectiveness – whatever metrics you have to track – iCHARTER turns your data into knowledge, instantly.

iCHARTER puts you back in the game. Front-line employees shouldn’t have to wait for results. iCHARTERhelps you balance your business needs and the needs of your staff. Flexible, scalable and open, the iVobis solution generates insightful analysis of critical information from your business applications in clear and vivid detail.

Develop your strategic vision and unite your data sources without losing sight of cost control and productivity. iCHARTER’s self-service analysis brings your various data assets to life, making your Business Intelligence strategy more user-oriented and responsive.


iCHARTER is a browser-based, database-independent ‘self service’ analysis tool that enables the basic user to generate dynamic charts and create dashboards quickly and easily. Designed for the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market, iCHARTER works with any standard business application to let the everyday user access meaningful data anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s CRM, ERP, an internally developed application or online portal, this innovative software tool delivers instant business insight in an easily understandable format.

iCHARTER features a highly intuitive user interface that requires no training or instruction. The design simplicity of the iCHARTER interface ensures seamless integration with any business application, allowing users to build on the core data elements of current applications without additional data mapping. The easy-to-use tool features dynamic charting to let users drill down, change filters and change parameters ‘on the fly,’ delivering real time data with ease and speed. Users can easily toggle between functions, summary and detail grids, drastically reducing timelines for reporting changes.

Inherently secure, iCHARTER saves application licensing and development costs and reduces the overall IT workload. And its optimized configuration significantly reduces database connection overhead.

iCHARTER features more than 25 chart options and includes a free chart collection that includes charts for sales, support, marketing, financial and operations. Users can also use their own custom-developed charts. And iCHARTER users can create an unlimited number of public and private dashboards

The robust functionality of iCHARTER comes at a very attractive price. A single license covers all of a company’s users with no additional per seat fees, and software installation is included in the total cost of the product.

Give your users the ability to explore their business data through ‘self service’ analysis from iVobisiCHARTER.

Success Story

Why should I export my data to Excel when everything I need for my reports in already in my SalesLogix CRM. iVobis has turned my data into dynamic point and click reporting.

— Sara Johnson
Vice President, Operations and Support


  • Eliminate costly and inefficient report development processes
  • Provide a reporting solution users would embrace


  • Implemented iVobis Charts for SalesLogix in under an hour


  • Immediate user adoption at all levels
  • Eliminated the use of personal time to compile reports

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